Terra nullius: the cover

The cover for my upcoming anthology Terra nullius is complete… and it just takes my breath away.



New short stories (sort of) and XB-1’s anniversary

In addition to yesterday’s big news, I have some other ones today. Czech translations of my stories The Brass City and Catching A Ride, both of which have been published in English, appear in the upcoming issue of XB-1, along with my translation of Jason Sanford’s brand new column.

It’s also a special 50th issue since the transition of Ikarie into XB-1 (therefore the retro cover) and the readers can look forward especially to the foreign fiction section, which contains all the Hugo-winning short works from last year: Equoid (divided into two issues), The Lady Astronaut of Mars, and The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere.

Another big anniversary is coming up in April – there’s going to be the 250th issue of the whole magazine’s history (Ikarie and XB-1 together)!


In mood for some hardcore space opera?

Happy new year everyone! I have some good news to share, especially with Czech lovers of modern space opera, hard SF and bio/cyberpunk. I’ve been holding something out in December but now I can finally announce the news. First of all – I’ve edited an anthology of transhumanist-themed stories by Czech authors, Terra nullius, and it should be published in May if all goes according to plan. I’m especially excited about this as the authors I’d picked all sent me really inspiring stories full of brave ideas. Cover coming soon – I had seen the prefinal version and it’s just awe-inspiring!

The other news is that my science fiction trilogy Blíženci (would translate as Gemini) is going to be published this year as well. The covers are already prepared and I was just breathless when I saw them. So brace yourselves for high acceleration into the world of new space opera…

And finally, a short story of mine is appearing in Robert Pilch’s fabulous-looking space opera anthology Capricorn 70.

There are a lot of real delights in the publisher Brokilon’s plan for 2015 – new books by Jan Kotouč, Vladimír Šlechta, Jan Hlávka & Jana Vybíralová and many others, so check it out (if in Czech you can check… sorry, I couldn’t resist; but there’s a Czech version of this website coming sometime soon, so the primarily Czech fiction concerned posts are going to be appearing there).

Happy new year again and be it filled with lots of speculative fiction of your choice!





A new novel out in the stores!

I’ve got good news for my Czech readers: My new novel, set in the “Agent John Francis Kovář” adventure SF series, was published today. It’s called “Bez naděje” (“Hopeless”) and John finds himself in a world that really seems to be beyond hope: after a devastating pandemic, riddled with totalitarian regimes…

Ah, I hope you’ll forgive me for posting the official synopsis in Czech: “Nečekaná žádost o pomoc přivádí Johna Francise Kováře z říše Inků do současné Prahy ve světě po katastrofální pandemii. Chaos však postupně nahrazuje pořádek – nebo tvrdá diktatura? John se za pomoci odbojářů (jak se označují sami) či teroristů (jak je nazývají jiní) snaží najít autora záhadné žádosti, pravděpodobně bývalého agenta F.E. Při tom se však neodvratně zaplétá do boje v realitě, která idealistům neodpouští, kde je naděje vysmívaným pojmem a smrt blízkou společnicí.”

If action (or reading in Czech ;)) is not exactly your cup of tea, I may have some news for you as well in the near future…

The cover.

The cover.

The Song of Metal Whales

The cover for a new Czech urban SF anthology “Zpěv kovových velryb” (“The Song of Metal Whales”) has been released a couple of days ago. The anthology itself is going to be available in March and I’m really looking forward to the stories by Jaroslav Mostecký, Františka Vrbenská, Anna Šochová, Lucie Lukačovičová, Jan Kotouč, Hanina Veselá, Jana Rečková and Vlado Ríša (who also edited the anthology). I’ve got a piece in there too, a short story titled “Šeré město” (“The Dim City”) set on a colonized planet orbiting a brown dwarf. I’ve actually started writing the story in English, intending to translate it later, but got stuck for a little while, the deadline was growing near, so I finished it in Czech. If the reviews are good, I might some day attempt to translate the other half into English; however, I don’t like translating this way – too many artifacts in the resulting text. Writing directly in English is uncomparably easier than translating either way, especially from Czech into English.