I’ve started publishing in English in 2013, resulting so far in two short SF stories and one nonfiction article (as listed below). I have also published four novels and about two dozen short stories in Czech. The comprehensive list of all my fiction can be found here.

If you’re interested in my nonfiction publications, go here.


Works in English

nonfiction: Realms of Dark, Deep and Cold (in Clarkesworld 4/2014)

fiction: Catching A Ride (in Perihelion SF 8/2014)

fiction: The Symphony of Ice and Dust (in Clarkesworld 10/2013)
fiction: The Brass City (in Penny Dread Tales Volume 3: In Darkness Clockwork Shine, RuneWright)


Novels (in Czech)

Hopeless (“Bez naděje”, published by Triton)

Never Trust Anything (“Nikdy nevěř ničemu”, published by MOBA)
A Silent Planet (“Tichá planeta”, published by Epocha)

The Crime on The Poseidon City (“Zločin na Poseidon City”, published by Triton)


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